The man who did not brush his teeth for two decades


A man named Jay from the UK admits to not brushing his teeth for 20 years…and he is only 21years old!


The reality TV show ‘Embarrassing bodies’ invited Jay, a British young man who hadn't brushed his teeth his entire life and was finally treated by James Russel, a dentist, who helped clean up the 20 years worth of plaque, debris and food stuck on Jay's teeth.

The current dental evidence sited in ‘The Delivering Better Oral Health’ toolkit, suggests that best practice is to brush your teeth effectively twice a day for 2 minutes with a fluoride-containing toothpaste.  This is to prevent dental caries and plaque build-up on your teeth which can lead to gingivitis or periodontitis, as well as affect the aesthetics of your teeth.

The effects of Jay not brushing his teeth for 20 years rendered him a spot on the show Embarrassing bodies.  Jay admits to neglecting his dental health and explains he never brushed his teeth and has a high cariogenic diet including lots of fizzy drinks.  As a result, Jay's teeth are now plastered with hardened calculus and debris that is unable to be removed with a normal toothbrush at home, his poor dental aesthetics has impacted on Jay's self-confidence and shattered his aspirations of becoming a professional physiotherapist.

It was on the show where Jay met Russel and underwent a dental examination.  11 teeth were concluded unsavable and needed extracting due to poor oral hygiene and dental neglect.  After 5months of dental treatment, Jay got his perfect smile with the help of dental implants and a good ultrasonic scale!


More information about this case can be found here.