MCQs in Oral Histology

Chapter 4: Shedding



1- During shedding which of the following is wrong:

  1. The pulp plays an active role.
  2. The pulp plays a passive role.
  3. The pulp appears histologically normal till the end of the process.
  4. The neural elements remain in the pulp until shedding is completed.







The answer is: B


2- Which of the following is true about ankylosis?

  1. Is a union of the tooth with the periodontal ligament.
  2. The active eruption of an ankylosed tooth continues.
  3. Is a bony union between the alveolar bone and the roots of teeth.
  4. Ankylosed teeth do not show Howship's lacunae on the root. 







The answer is: C


3- Shedding is predominantly the:

  1. Physiologic loss of impacted teeth.
  2. Pathologic loss of non-vital primary teeth.
  3. Physiologic loss of permanent teeth.
  4. Physiologic loss of primary teeth.







The answer is: D