Guinness World Record holder for largest gape

Pennsylvania boy, 16, who can open his jaw 3.75 inches


Philip Angus, 16 years old, from Pennsylvania, was able to smash the Guinness World Record record for having the largest gap between his upper and lower incisor teeth. Philip was able to open his mouth for 3.75 inches, therefore beating the previous holder, Minnesota teen Isaac Johnson, by about a quarter of an inch. Angus first realized he had a large mouth when he was having trouble hearing as a child and tried to pop his ears by yawning. Angus says when he was just nine years old, even his friends would comment on his wide gape.

The achievement officially recorded on November 5, 2019, helped by his dentist who said she'd never seen anything like it. His measurements were taken twice; first with a caliper and second with a cut to measure 3.75 inches (9.5cm) popsicle stick. 'I never have been the best at anything, really, but I'm now the best at this and it feels great knowing that I have this and no one else can have it until they beat me,' said Philip. In a video for Guinness World Records, he is seen placing an apple, tennis ball, and various other objects on top of his tongue. Angus says he has no explanation for why he's able to open his jaw so wide and insists it's not a genetic trait.


'I'm not really sure why I have a big mouth, neither my mom nor dad has a big mouth so it's kind of like a very odd thing but I'm happy to have it,' Angus told Guinness. His mother says his big mouth can be problematic at mealtimes because she has to stop him from cramming too much food inside in one go. The mother added about her son's love of stuffing large amounts of food, like triple-decker ice cream sandwiches, inside his mouth: 'I'm trying to convince him not to.' The official video from Guinness World Records can be found here.