Do you believe in….Soap?


It is claimed by Dr. George Moncrieff and Dr. James Hamblin, that soaps and shower gels are a waste of money and can actually be bad for your skin.

Dr. Moncrieff claims he has not used any soap or shower gel in 20 years and instead uses emollients, and Dr. Hamblin hasn’t been using soap for 4 years and instead uses plain water to wash himself.  They both insist that they still smell good and that their skin is in a healthier state than someone who does use such products.


Their argument stems from the fact that they believe detergents can remove the good bacteria on our skin.  Dr. Moncrieff thinks Britons are ‘too clean’ and using soaps can actually damage the skin causing eczema, particularly around the areas where the skin is thin, eg the elbows.  He clarified that the skins superficial layer acts as a protective layer preventing allergens to enter deeper into the skin, but using detergents causes this layer to weaken allowing precious water to escape from the skin and leading to skin conditions such as eczema. The doctor suggests that Emollients such as E45 are better for the skin as it soothes and moisturizes the skin by providing a protective barrier to trap in the moisture on our skin.

Dr. Moncrieff strongly recommends that no detergents should be used on newborn babies, and instead, emollients should be used. This is because the products used on newborn babies will later have an impact o their skin during their childhood.  He stated that 1 in 4 preschool children suffer from Eczema and perhaps this could have been prevented if detergents were not used on infants.