MCQs in Orthodontics

Chapter 6: Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment in the early permanent dentition


1- Mills retractor is a modification of:


  1. Palatal canine retractor
  2. Buccal canine retractor
  3. Labial bow
  4. Adam clasp








The answer is: C


2-  Which functional appliance can be used for the correction of a class 3 malocclusion:

  1. Frankel III Appliance
  2. Reverse activator
  3. Reverse headgear
  4. All of the above








The answer is: D


3- An anterior crossbite in the primary dentition usually indicates a developing:


  1. Class 1 malocclusion
  2. Class 2 malocclsion
  3. Class 3 malocclsion
  4. None of the above








The answer is: C