A little about us

Our website was first established in 2016 by a community of Dental professionals from across the globe and was re-established in 2020. It is primarily designed for the use of dental professionals and students.  We have provided a platform that shares a wealth of Dental knowledge and exam questions.  We endeavor to make this site easily accessible to all and hope it will provide useful to everyone who uses it.  We have made this site absolutely free to use to make your dental learning easier and without the need to worry about paid subscriptions.  We are passionate about bringing you new dental material for you to be able to enhance your dental learning.

We ourselves have been through countless, worrying dental examinations as students during our time at dental school, of which we still remember many years after graduating and will most likely never forget. The exam pressure and stress levels were pretty intense, even the most confident of students would crumble during the examination season.  Many years later, this has then inspired us to make a dental website that can help students, like we once were, during their exam time period and this is how the idea for this website originally occurred.  The idea initially started with dental MCQ questions, this is a very common method of how dental students are assessed in Dental school and hence we choose to focus on MCQs.  We have then gradually added dental articles that provide useful information for both qualified dental professionals and dental students.  More recently we have uploaded OSCE practice questions in a super interactive and fun way.

Our aim is to establish this site further and continue to improve and enhance it by continuously updating the site with newer and fresher resources.  Clinicians are encouraged to discuss and interact by linking their social media account with our page to share their dental work.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a platform for dental students to utilize for revision purposes and to enhance their dental knowledge.

We take pride in providing you with a variety of the most common dental exam questions.