20 years without brushing his teeth


Dr. Joseph Nemeth, a periodontist in Southfield Michigan, shares shocking pictures of a man's mouth after 20 years without brushing his teeth. The man claims that his dental phobia has led him to avoid visiting the dentist as well as avoid brushing his teeth.

Despite the accumulation of heavy plaque and calculus which he noticed, he refused to visit the dentist or try to remove them at home. In fact, the man changed his diet to soft food because he was no longer able to chew food. Dr. Nemeth was finally able to take away his dental phobia and treat him under IV sedation. Unlike regular scaling sessions, this procedure took several hours to complete.


The presence of this heavy calculus had resulted in an unpleasant mouth breath which affected my social and professional life, said the patient. Dr. Nemeth continues to see this patient regularly and emphasizes everyone on brushing at least twice a day. 



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