Tips to solving Dental Multiple Choice Questions


Tip #1

Try To Solve every question under 30 secs! Don't spend too much time trying to solve a difficult question that you end up not answering the easy ones. An estimated time of 30 seconds per question is an ideal time for each question. This will give you time to come back to the hard questions that you left unanswered.


Tip #2

Usually in most exams, the answer "All of the above" is the right answer, and the answer "None of the above" is usually a wrong answer. However, your examiner might know this information and He/She might play around with the questions, and this is why, in the collection that we have chosen and modified for you in our website, we have mixed things up, to prepare you for the worst possible exams, so don't take things for granted.


Tip #3

Read every single answer! If answer A is correct and B is wrong, that doesn't mean you shouldn't read the rest since sometimes the right answer might include 2 answers, such as "Only A + D are correct". We have provided you with some of these questions to test your patience.


Tip #4

Exclude as much answers as you can! In a 5 answers situation, you have a 20% chance answering it correctly by random selection. However, eliminating some answers will increase that percentage.


Tip #5

Trust yourself! The 1st answer that comes to your head is most likely to be the right answer. Don't go over and over changing your answer. Go with your 1st choice.


Tip #6

Answers that include the word "Never" or "Always" are usually wrong answers.


Tip #7

If everything fails, use the most logical and scientific answer. For example, Look at this question.

Question: The best approach for diagnosis of odontogenic pain is:

  1. X-ray examination.
  2. Percussion.
  3. Visual examination.
  4. A step-by-step sequenced examination and testing approach following the same procedure.


If you had to chose an answer without knowing anything about Dentistry. You would logically chose D only because it looks like a most scientific answer, and yes it is the right answer.